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Stay informed…stay current
Regular newsletters and reports

Free subscriptions to:

  • Wings
  • Helicopters
  • Canadian Skies
  • DOM
  • Helicopter Maintenance Magazine

Preferred personal, liability and group rates from Gentech/Sound Insurance

Free admission to Canadian Warplane Heritage museum.

Expand your network. Meet people & contacts in industry.

Training courses provided by the Association.

Reduced fee to Ontario AME Workshop & prizes

Share your knowledge.

Recognition and awards.

Exclusive access to discounts partner Perkopolis.

And a tax receipt for membership dues.

Raison d'etre

To Promote and Mentor.

Maintain and enhance the standards of professionalism of the AME and the aircraft maintenance industry.

Provide training.

Member of CFAMEA (Canadian Federation of AME Associations), Canada`s national AME Association.

Unified voice working with government and industry.

Influence change through the CARAC process.

Bursaries to the Ontario community colleges.

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